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What is Appbot?

Our mission is to help app developers, product managers and support teams build, market and support mobile apps that their users love, and to increase their app downloads and sales as a result.

We do this by helping you to understand what your users want from the app reviews you’re already getting in any of the major app stores. We monitor the iOS, Mac, Google Play, Amazon and Windows app stores globally, and automatically unearth trends in your mobile app reviews. We also plug in to your favorite tools and help you to provide better quality support in the Play Store.

How does it work?

Appbot saves you time finding and analyzing app reviews in three key ways:

  • We aggregate reviews for all countries from the Apple, Google Play, Amazon and Windows Phone app stores.
  • You can view reviews in all markets across all of these app stores inside your Appbot account, or let us push the reviews to you via email or one of our integrations.
  • We analyze those reviews and automatically generate reports on user sentiment and review content. You’ll find all the feature requests, bug and crash reports and design/UX issues for an app grouped together, and so forth.

Who uses Appbot?

  • Product managers
  • App marketers
  • Customer care and support teams
  • QA teams
  • App marketing & development agencies

What does it cost?

You’ll receive a 14 day trial of the Large Plan when you sign up. After your trial ends our plans start at $39/month. You can see all our pricing details here.

Do you offer a discount for paying annually?

Sure! You can now save up to 25% with Annual plans. See the savings here.

Why is the number of ratings and average star rating I see in the iTunes, Google Play or Amazon app store different to Appbot?

Head to the Ratings page in Appbot to see the full count of ratings and reviews for your app. In all other parts of the Appbot tool we only look at reviews with text, so you’ll find the number of reviews is lower than in the app stores, or on Ratings in Appbot.

I am using an integration. When will my reviews start to appear?

If you’re on daily fetching your reviews will come through when we next send a bot out to fetch them for you. This can take a maximum of 24 hours from when you configure the integration. If you would like us to continuously fetch reviews, you can change your review email frequency here.

I’m not getting any emails!

This is usually because you haven’t received any reviews or features. We recommend checking on the app stores to see if you have received any new reviews. If you have, then please check your spam folder. Otherwise email us at and let us know.

Why do I have a longer history of reviews in some languages on Google Play?

Google provide us with a fixed count of reviews per language. This means that languages with a high volume of reviews per day will only have a relatively short history compared with languages where there are less reviews per day.

Does Appbot fetch my entire review history?

We fetch as much history as each app store will allow when a new app is added to Appbot. In some cases this is the full history of reviews for that app, but in other cases we may only be able to fetch a short history – especially if the app gets a high count of reviews per day.

Can I export my review data?

For sure. We think we do a great job of analyzing your review data, but we’re not here to dictate how you use it. More detail on exporting reviews to CSV and JSON is available here.

Which apps can I track in Appbot?

You can track any apps that you’re interested in from the iOS, Mac, Google Play, Amazon and Windows app stores – yours, your competitors, top apps in your category, you choose!

I don’t want to get an email every day. What other services can I use for review monitoring via Appbot?

Appbot lets you send reviews directly to Slack, Microsoft Teams, HipChat, Yammer, Trello, Zendesk, and Freshdesk. You can choose which reviews to send and how often we should send them – daily or continuously. You can also create multiple rules to push reviews to different services for each app eg. send reviews about bugs to developers in HipChat, send feature requests to product in Trello and so forth.

How often will Appbot send me my reviews?

It’s up to you. On the Large plan Appbot will fetch your reviews continuously, and send them to you as they arrive. On the Medium plan and below Appbot fetches your reviews from each app store once a day and sends them to you as a single batch.

Will Continuous Fetch send my reviews through in real-time?

Continuous fetch means we will send reviews to you as soon as we can fetch them. It’s not quite real-time, but reviews are never delayed more than about 60 mins from when they become publicly available.

Which platforms do you support?

Apple / iTunes (iOS & Mac), Google Play, Windows Phone, Windows Desktop & Amazon.

Can I track Amazon Products?

You sure can! When you’re choosing an app store, you’ll see the option to select ‘Amazon Product’ where you can enter your Amazon Product’s URL and track it’s reviews (or your competitors!) Learn more here.

Can I reply to my Amazon reviews?

Absolutely. Whenever you see your Amazon reviews in Appbot, in our review emails, or in one of our integrated services, you’ll see reply buttons or links that will take you directly to that review in the Amazon store where you can post your reply. Learn more here.

How can I get more reviews?

Make a really great app, then maybe you can ask for a review. But be nice about it, don’t spam your users.

How can I get my app featured?

Getting a consistent volume of positive reviews is critical for getting featured in the App Store, something our CEO & Co-Founder Stuart Hall proved in this App Store Experiment.

Troubleshooting Integration Errors

If you are having trouble with one of our integrations, you will see a red error bar in the history page for that particular integration, like this:

There are a few different reasons as to why there might have been an issue, and each is identified by an error code. You can find the particular error code by pressing on the ‘geeky details’ button next to the instance where the error occurred.

For example, here we can see the error code ‘HTTP 404’ has been triggered:

Read on below to find out what each error code means.

Error Codes & Causes
  • “HTTP 404” , “No Service” or “token_revoked”
    This means that the integration’s access has been revoked from within slack. This would have most likely occurred because it has been manually removed from your integrations admin section, which can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Appbot’ link from when you added Appbot, as you see here.Pasted image at 2016_08_05 09_46
    From the admin section, Appbot should be in the list of configured integrations. If it is not, there’s a good chance someone has pressed the trash can icon next to Appbot at some point, revoking access.
    Pasted image at 2016_08_05 09_43The easiest way to rectify this is simply by deleting the integration from Appbot and creating it again.
  • “is_archived”
    This code means that the room Appbot is trying to send your reviews to has been archived or deleted. You can fix this by removing the integration from Appbot and adding it again 🙂
  • “account_inactive”
    Seeing account_inactive means the account the integration was configured to send reviews to has been deleted! If you’re using a new account, delete the old integration and setup a new one using your new account.
  • Another code?
    If you are seeing an error code that is not on this list, let us know by emailing and we’ll be able to help you further.

If you need any further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at with any questions or check out our FAQ section here.