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This FAQ list is here to help answer our most common questions!

FAQs About Appbot

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Review Monitoring FAQ

Custom Data Source FAQ

Troubleshooting Integration Errors

FAQ About Appbot

What is Appbot?

Our mission is to help app developers, product managers and support teams build, market and support mobile apps that their users love, and to increase their app downloads and sales as a result.

We do this by helping you to understand what your users want from the app reviews you’re already getting in any of the major app stores. Appbot monitors the iOS, Mac, Google Play, Amazon and Windows app stores globally, and automatically unearths trends in your mobile app reviews. We also plug in to your favorite tools, like Slack and Zendesk, to help you to provide better quality support to your users.

How does it work?

Appbot saves you time analyzing app reviews & other customer feedback to show you what users think of your product or brand. We automatically fetch and analyze data from many different sources:

  • We aggregate reviews for all countries from the Apple, Google Play, Amazon and Windows app stores. Choose to monitor your own apps as well as your competitors – no authentication with the app stores is required.
  • You can also connect your Zendesk or Intercom account to analyze support tickets and conversations.
  • Automatically analyze and monitor Twitter mentions for your brand.
  • Or, import other sources of customer feedback like survey responses, Facebook comments or live chat history via our CSV import.

Once you’ve set up your app reviews and other data sources we’ll start analyzing the data and generating results. We’ll keep these results updated for you in almost real time, so you can dip in and take a look at any time.

We make it easy for you to stay informed about what your customers are saying. Here’s how:

  • You can view reviews in all markets across all of these app stores inside your Appbot account, or let us push the reviews to you via email or one of our integrations like Slack.
  • We analyze reviews & feedback comments and automatically generate reports on user sentiment and review content. You’ll find all the feature requests, bug and crash reports and design/UX issues for an app grouped together, and so forth.
  • Appbot will automatically create beautiful visualizations to help you share customer feedback across your organization.

Who uses Appbot?

  • Product managers
  • Voice of the Customer & Customer Analytics teams
  • App marketers
  • Customer care and support teams
  • QA teams
  • App marketing & development agencies

Can I track my competitors’ apps?

You can track any apps that you’re interested in from the iOS, Mac, Google Play, Amazon and Windows app stores – yours, your competitors, top apps in your category, you choose!

Can I export my app & Amazon product review data?

Yes, export functionality is available on the Large plan and above. We think we do a great job of analyzing your review data, but we’re not here to dictate how you use it. More detail on exporting reviews to CSV is available here. We also offer a RESTful API that lets you query your data programmatically. More detail on the API can be found here.

What is a translation?

A “translation” is counted when a single non-English review is translated to English. You can choose which apps to enable translations on from the Manage Apps page. If translations are enabled for an app all non-English reviews will automatically be translated to English, until you’ve used up the translations included on your Appbot subscription. Different subscriptions include different volumes of translations – see the Plans page for full details. Extra translations can be purchased for a small extra cost by contacting

What does it cost?

You’ll receive a 14 day trial of the Large Plan when you sign up. After your trial ends our plans start at $39/month. You can see all our pricing details here.

Do you offer a discount for paying annually?

Sure! You can now save up to 25% with Annual plans. See the savings here.

App Review Monitoring FAQ

Why are the number of ratings and average star rating I see in the iTunes or Google Play app store different to Appbot?

Head to the Ratings page in Appbot to see the full count of ratings and reviews for your iOS or Google Play app, which will be identical to the count of Ratings you see on the public pages of each app store. The count of Ratings includes star-only ratings as well as reviews with a text comment.

In all other parts of Appbot we only look at reviews with text, so you’ll find the number of reviews is lower than the counts you see in the app stores. More detail on the difference between Reviews and Ratings can be found here.

Why do I have a longer history of reviews in some languages on Google Play?

Google provide us with a fixed count of reviews per language. This means that languages with a high volume of reviews per day will only have a relatively short history compared with languages where there are less reviews per day.

Does Appbot fetch my entire review history?

We fetch as much history as each app store will allow when a new app is added to Appbot. In some cases this is the full history of reviews for that app, but in other cases we may only be able to fetch a short history – especially if the app gets a high count of reviews per day.

I am using an integration. When will my reviews start to appear?

We fetch reviews on a continuous basis. Some app stores publish new reviews throughout the day, others (notably Apple) release reviews in batches every 3-4 hours. You can expect to receive new reviews within 60 minutes of the app store publishing them.

I’m not getting any emails!

This is usually because you haven’t received any new app reviews. We recommend checking the app stores to see if you have received any new reviews. If you have, then please check your spam folder for Appbot review emails. Otherwise email us at and let us know.

I don’t want to get an email every day. What other services can I use for review monitoring via Appbot?

Appbot lets you send reviews directly to Slack, Microsoft Teams, HipChat, Yammer, Trello, Zendesk,, Freshdesk, and thousands of other services via Zapier. You can choose which reviews to send and how often we should send them – daily or continuously. You can also create multiple rules to push reviews to different services for each app eg. send reviews about bugs to developers in HipChat, send feature requests to product in Trello and so forth.

How often will Appbot send me my reviews?

It’s up to you – we offer both daily and continuous options. Some app stores publish new reviews throughout the day, others (notably Apple) release reviews in batches every 3-4 hours. You can expect to receive new reviews within 60 minutes of the app store publishing them, if you’ve opted for continuous delivery.

Which app review platforms do you support?

Apple / iTunes (iOS & Mac), Google Play, Windows Phone, Windows Desktop & Amazon.

Can I track Amazon Products?

You sure can! When you’re choosing an app store, you’ll see the option to select ‘Amazon Product’ where you can enter your Amazon Product’s URL and track it’s reviews (or your competitors!) Learn more here.

Can I reply to my Amazon reviews?

Absolutely. Whenever you see your Amazon reviews in Appbot, in our review emails, or in one of our integrated services, you’ll see reply buttons or links that will take you directly to that review in the Amazon store where you can post your reply. Learn more here.

How can I get more reviews?

Make a really great app, then maybe you can ask for a review. But be nice about it, don’t spam your users.

Custom Data Source FAQ

What types of data does Appbot analyze?

You can import any text-based customer feedback in CSV format. We also offer native connectors for:

  • Zendesk tickets
  • Intercom conversations
  • Twitter mentions
  • and Zapier, which allows you to connect to thousands of different sources!

How much data can I import?

Large and Enterprise plans allow you to import 10,000 rows of data by default. A row of data is a single row of a CSV, or a single support ticket, twitter mention, etc.

What if I want to analyze more than 10,000 rows of data per month?

Extra rows of Custom Data analysis can be purchased as add-ons to Large and Enterprise plans. Please contact us at for more information.

What do encoding errors mean?

Encoding errors usually occur when your data is not saved in UTF-8 format. Save the CSV file in UTF-8 format, and try importing it again.

I’m having trouble with an NPS import. Help!

Appbot’s Rating field only supports a score from 1 to 5, so if you want to import NPS scores you will need to import them into a different field in Appbot.

Troubleshooting Integration Errors

If you are having trouble with one of our integrations please check out our comprehensive troubleshooting guide here.

If you need any further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at with any questions or check out our FAQ section here.